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‘Gamification’ is becoming a trend in helping teams and individuals approach their professional tasks through a new, structured approach.

Team building

At Ludorati Cafe, we understand that competition and collaboration are important, both for individuals and teams. As Nottingham’s premier board-game cafe, Ludorati Café is now offering company team building sessions through the use of selected board and role playing games. These can provide a mix of both cooperative and competitive environments for teams and individuals to engage in exercises that focus on building relationships or more developmental learning contexts. Alternatively they can be used to have good fun!

The latest designs in board games offer organisations a chance to challenge participants in a unique setting structured around an organisation’s or team’s need(s). To take things to the next level, we can provide expert evaluation through observation, analysis, feedback and coaching activity. We also provide accredited ‘train the trainer’ courses for those who may wish to undertake in-house events themselves.

Gaming areas include:

Decision-making, problem solving, analysis, Interpretation, negotiation, trading, situational appraisal, learning, mental challenge, design, critical thinking and assessment, alongside the traditional relational building focus can all be offered.

Corporate tournaments and team events can also be organised to suit.

Ludorati Café has access to over 1,000 games to select a dedicated mix for any request.

How we work

We will work with you to identify your objectives from the day, and select from our library of over 1,000 games to provide an appropriate solution.

There’s more…

Ludorati Café is also pleased to announce a partnership with VaLUENTiS Business School ( to provide a range of developmental solutions offering psychometrics, case studies and management course instruction where required. These can be provided in modular format to match a client organisation/team need or even combined into a structured programme.

Events/sessions can be offered either at the Café, its regional Nottingham office (both in the City Centre) or alternatively on client site (through our mobile solution).

Prices are based on the type of event/session, its content and learning objectives, and are from as little as £10 per person.

You can call the Café on 0115 959 6998 or the Regional office on 0115 935 2027 to know more. Alternatively you can e-mail with your enquiry/request.